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Rachel Conroy

Contact Details

t:: 01482869329
m:: 07833065977


Artist Overview

Rachel is a Scottish-born traditional illustrator with a particular devotion to hand-drawn images and animations. Her tools of choice are pen and ink, watercolours (paints and pastels) and pencil. She can use digital means of editing such as Photoshop, but much prefers a good old sketchbook and some pens.
With a Bachelors in Arts awarded in Illustration, Rachel is driven by the passion and dedication she applies to all of her work and is always inspired, sometimes by the simplest of things, to create visuals full of life and colour.
Her artwork is most suited to illustration regarding children's literature and she often maps out illustrated stories of her own in her free time. That being said, she is also keen on expressive character design and concepts and general narrative illustration. The general feel of Rachel's artwork is lively and heartfelt, with every image appearing to have its own tale to tell.
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