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Welcome to our FAQ's page

We trust this helps with any questions you may have regarding joining us but should you have any questions not listed, then please contact us direct and we'll do our best to answer them for you.


FAQ's by artists

01) What does joining the directory actually provide for me?

Joining the directory gives your work great online presence via '' and therefore gets you seen by the right people. Our research over the years in seo allows our site to perform exceptionally well when searched for regarding the relevant search terms for 'illustrators' within google. This along side paid advertising with google adwords ensures the site receives high numbers of relevant traffic.

02) Does Monkey Feet help negotiating contracts & fees, etc?

We are always here to advise regarding commissions although at the end of the day it is down to you as an artist to agree a fee you are comfortable with. Every job is different so it is important to get a firm brief outlining requirements before you commit to any work. Further advice can be supplied by us on joining.

03) Would I need to deal with the paper work?

Yes, it would be down to you to agree the work requirements, timescale, price and invoicing for each job. This is only the same as it would be when dealing with an Agency but instead of agreeing terms with the agent you will agree terms directly with the client.

04) Do artists tend to get regular work as a result of being on the site?

Success varies. Some artists may get one big commission, some may get smaller continuous work. You never know who requires what illustration, when, so no guarantees or projections can be made.

05) Will you take a commission from me as an artist?

No, as you will have your contact details on your portfolio page, all agreements will be made between you and the client. In certain situations, Monkey Feet may commission you directly on behalf of a client if required but this would not be the normal procedure.

06) Would you expect me to be exclusively represented by yourself, or could I work with other agents and my own clients?

As a directory we would allow you to obtain commissions via your own promotional work and to be represented by an agent if required.

07) What happens after my 12 months expires?

After approximately 11 months as your contract nears it's expiry date, we will contact you to enquire about renewing. This will be done at the rate at the time and at the discretion of the Directory.

08) Can I change my images after I've had my portfolio created?

Yes, if you send any new, replacement illustrations to us by the 15th of any month with details of which they are to replace, we can get these changed before the start of the next month.

09) On the details form it says to choose 'one style'. Is there an option to appear under more than one?

Yes, if you think your work would benefit from appearing under more than one style then this can be arranged for you but at an additional cost. Prices are available on request.




FAQ's by clients

01) What information do I need to provide to receive a quote?

When making an enquiry, the best way to ensure we give an accurate quote is to provide the following information:

a) The style and name of artist you require to create your illustrations. If you're unsure please contact us direct to help advise.
b) The number and final size of the illustrations required.
c) The content for each of the illustrations and the compositions if you wish to supply or describe them. Please provide as much detail as you can with visual reference if you have a definite visual in mind. If you're not sure of how the illustration should look exactly then the artist will provide composition sketches at your request to allow you to confirm before going on to complete final, colour artwork.
d) Timescales and budgets if you have this set.

02) Is it better to contact Monkey Feet or the artist direct?

This is totally down to you as the client. If direct contact is preferred then please use the details for each artist or otherwise contact us direct and we can advise and commission on your behalf.




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