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William Forbes

Contact Details

t:: 01225 866 453
m:: 07985 690 603


Artist Overview

I've been expressing myself artistically for as long as I can remember. From the moment I could pick up a crayon, pencil or brush I wanted to tell a story.
I studied at Art college doing a 2 year foundation course where I was introduced to a number of media new to me such as Ceramics, Print and Photography. My material of choice is Pastel. In recent years I have been producing artwork, and animations in a 3D rendering program. I am inspired by numerous sources such as books, music and films, mostly History, Science Fiction, Natural History and Biography.
Personal experience is also a great source of inspiration. I love walking through the countryside where ones eyes can drink in the full range of natures colour and splendor. My subject matter is wide and varied but there is usually a moody or dramatic theme, with an element of action as well.
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