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Tom McCarthaigh

Contact Details

m:: 07542728651


Artist Overview

Tom McCarthaigh specialises in traditional inking skills. Depth and texture are of particular interest to him.
He is looking to work with more writers and publishers. Tom is especially drawn to the Fairytale genre but is happy to work with other themes.
Some of Tom's projects include having his work published as the cover designs for an Ebook at Squint Koros publishing - Squint Koros
His moth design was chosen as the hologram for Bristol Pound's one pound note in 2015 - New Bristol Pounds
Tom has also taken part in the 'All religions are one' exhibition at Gabriel Fine Art Gallery on the 15th of January 2016 - Gabriel Fine Art
Tom is a published comic book illustrator and his work can be downloaded at Crown Root Publications by following the link - Crown Root Publications
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